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Founded in 1998, BBN was created to provide high quality and competitively priced products along with outstanding service to our target market clients – community financial institutions (CFIs).Over time, our business lines have continued to expand beyond our core domestic and international correspondent services and technology to include a wide range of value-added solutions such as lending, investments, hedging and other compliance and risk management tools.

Today, with an over 98% client retention rate, BBN is focused on working with community financial institutions (CFIs), helping them to compete and to thrive. Our singular mission is to deliver products, services and solutions that can improve profitability and enhance customer experience.

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE AND FOCUS – Knowledgeable, dedicated team as extension of your staff
LEADING EDGE PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGY – Secure, dependable and proven
UNPARALLELED CLIENT SERVICE – Award winning service delivers 98% client satisfaction
COOPERATIVE OWNERSHIP STRUCTURE AND CHARTER – Helping clients compete and thrive