BBN Management Team

Craig C. Howie
President & CEO

David E. Brown
Managing Director, BBN Advisory Services

John A. Davey
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Peter T. Garland
Senior Vice President, Chief Credit Officer

Charlotte Hansen, CPA
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Rita Myers
Senior Vice President, Operations

Lisa G. Reynolds, NCP
Senior Vice President, Risk and Technology



BBN Board of Directors

Rheo A. Brouillard
Chairman BBN
President & CEO
Savings Institute Bank & Trust

Craig C. Howie
President & CEO

Stephen L. Lewis
President & CEO
Thomaston Savings Bank

Steven E. Lowell
President & CEO
Monson Savings Bank

Barbara S. McGrath
President & Executive Director
CT Urban League Initiative, Inc.

Thomas Pastorello
Executive Vice President, CFO
Liberty Bank

Robert W. Terravecchia, Jr., CPA
President & CEO
Equitable Bank

Julieann M. Thurlow
President & CEO
Reading Cooperative Bank

William J. Wagner
Chief Business Development Officer
Westfield Bank